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Solar Charger for Cell Phones


The modern mobile phone users are starving for more powerful -- particularly effortless, transportable, low-cost, green battery charging answers. After all, iPhones, BlackBerries and other portable communications devices always seem to run out of juice at the worst possible moment. Maybe a solar charger for mobile phone is a much needed solution to consumers. "If you've ever walked down an airport concourse looking for an outlet for your charger or found yourself stuck on the motorway with a 'dead' mobile phone, you understand the seriousness in this situation,” said Bill Gates, CEO, Microsoft Group. "Because mobile phones in constant use deplete their batteries quickly, many people now also have a conventional cell phone charger as a backup which is cumbersome and annoying.”

Currently, mobile phones are playing an important role in our daily life -- and more power-hungry -- than ever before. There are innumerable applications for enterprise, vacation, sporting, social networking and a host of other purposes. It's not rare for a consumer to have 50 to 100 "apps" on their mobile phones and use these "mobile computers" almost 24/7 -- draining the phone's battery faster than ever. Luckily for this mobile phone "power users,” a new generation of portable Solar Charger for Cell Phones are now coming to market, like a growing array of solar-powered systems. "This highly dynamic energy sector is driven by demand for easy, sustainable and green solutions, “said Bill Gates. Sun power is one of the strongest cost-free energy sources obtainable today. By using solar charger for cell phones and other electrical devices, you will get rid of the requirement for electricity. Solar power can be used to charge your batteries, but if you have a great amount of solar panels, you can also use solar chargers to operate most any electrical system. Even on cloudy days, a solar charger for mobile phone will still be capable. Everyone talks constantly on their cell phones every day and runs out plenty of battery, occasionally the battery could not support mobile phone for one day.

There are so many devices and things we need to bother about currently that we can sometimes ignore to charge our phones, maybe our most essential device that we carry around with us regularly. A superb method to make sure your mobile phone is constantly charged is to have solar chargers for cell phones.


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